Who We Are

The Pioneer of Pyramid Shaped Floating SEVENTH OASIS

Seventh Project Development (SPD) is maybe one of the world’s smallest companies, but very valuable and admired in thinking about futural real estate development. Functional usage of the building and proven environmental concepts with strong materials and design are paramount. We think practical about the usage for health, conference and living. Actually all properties which will be developed by SPD, will be will shaped conform to multi functionality, ethical standards and ESG formats. SEVENTH is after realization easily renovated and all functions can even 100 % swap into health.

Seventh Project Development is specialized with her team in building solutions, with mixed used space for living, permanent expo & retail, hospitality & leisure, training & health and conference & sports. SPD focuses on the top of the market with hotel and living, next to Top for conference and sports, and on excellence for research on energy harvesting, health and agriculture.

Established in 2010 officially, but the ideas for SEVENTH started already with initiator Hendrik van der Ham in the year 2002. Seventh Project Development is a pioneering developer and in for strategical reinforment with building partners and high quality end users. Seventh Project Development is ready to  transform many societies for the better.

Seventh Project Development has done a lot of research. Next to this is the project ready to land in 10 special places throughout the world. It even can be build in more than one place at the same time.  The company has developed developing competencies in hospitality, leisure, health, harbor and access. SPD plans for SEVENTH are ready to start deploying with development - and construction partners. The main structure will be out of special wood structure, alumnium, and more.

Our very special Core Team Member Ing. Architect Joost Heuvelink is also our specialist for very special designed multi purpose buildings, by his hand Seventh will be in more ways Iconic and a Legacy project for the future to come.


Seventh Project Development will build the floating oasis of the future. If you will be a futural partner going for High End, working in an Ethical way and using ESG procedures (New Circular Economy Companies), or you do have an other reason to contact us, please dial: +31(0)10-8201771 and ask for one of the Core Team Members.

BRIDGES2000 BV is already for longer period or sponsor and partner - for bridges (CIVIL SOLUTIONS) and gangways (MARITIME SOLUTIONS) check www.bridges2000.com