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Seventh Project Development builds oasis

When Seventh Project Development was founded in 2010, our mission was to realize SEVENTH in 10 places throughout the world. Today, we stil continue to deliver on our promise, building high-quality SEVENTH OASIS - with mission Elevating Quality of Life.

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Seventh Project Development is the developer of elegantly designed and exceptionally built property. Please check our designs. Next to this, all projects will be based on a high level of hospitality across the world. Creating value, is our main target, with projects which will rise as high potential investment properties right after realization. This will happen because of the design (floating with many advanced technologies (after being build it will be a proven concept) and through energies. Feeling relieve and an positive energetic environment, will asure people visiting, staying for some time or living here of a higher quality of life. We will ensure that we deliver our projects to the highest standards and we will find the right partners through our SPV's in the different locations in the world. After realization we will provide superior customer service in all SEVENTH OASIS locations.

Tomorrow, the projects build by Seventh Project Development will add tremendous value to the local economy and will help to create thousands of jobs. More important society around SEVENTH will experience better health. People will be able to use their talents better. We like to take our successful development model to recover or create high-growth international markets in an ESG manner. SEVENTH will show our commitment to ethics, ESG and building High End Quality and the functionality. We think the world we live in should be very practical. SEVENTH, as one of the best projects to realize, will be a marketing pull factor for New Circular Economy Platforms and Companies in general, ESG partners and for Start Ups which will help change the world for the better.

If you would like to know more after reading, please send us an email. Thank you.