Our Concept

Seventh Project Development shapes the future through building a very special project called "SEVENTH"

When Seventh Project Development was founded in 2010, our mission was to build SEVENTH in 10 places throughout the world. Today, we found 3 special places, maybe the fourth also. We are reaching out for long-term stakeholders.

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Seventh Project Development is very different from other developers. We are actually practical builders of solutions for the problems we might face tomorrow. In SEVENTH there are homes, offices, retail centres, hotels, leisure, health, training and a research center with agriculture, enhancing seeds. This project is remarkable, not only for its design outside or inside, but for its mixed purpose and its energies. Here environment is very important. Even if you will have a bite here in one of the restaurants, you will taste what it is all about. SEVENTH is special and is an oasis for many.

Realizing this project will add tremendous value to the local economy and create thousands of jobs. We will cooperate with other developers and building companies and make one of most successful development models, and we will develop these world-class projects ready for the future, with highest quality as one of our standards.

SEVENTH is about Quality of Living.

Seventh Project Development - the buildings

Although people in general would expect there is not enough sqm to be sold, they will be mistaken. This is approx 100,000 sqm. In the large pyramid shaped building 70 m of height, there is a globe 14 m diameter out of wood, with crystals. In the top there will be special swimming pools for health. Underneath special retraite rooms. There are hotel rooms, beautiful apartments, conference rooms, training rooms and restaurants.
Next to all this there is a beautiful garden, a research center and healthcare.

All will be floating. Connected with bridges to the shore, or kays in the harbour.  Everything is done for Quality of Life.

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